Vitral Solar Blinds

Vitral pleated solar blinds - elegant and efficient! If you want to actively regulate indoor climate, it is important to control solar heat gain caused by incoming sunlight. Pleated blinds are an elegant and efficient way to reduce unwanted heating and are also an ideal protection against glare, which can be very annoying when working at a computer screen or watching TV.  


  • Vitral pleated blinds are made ​​of high quality single or dual layer "honeycomb" polyester which is both uv stable and anti-static (dust repellent). There are many colours available, but Vitral recommend using relatively neutral colours.
  • The installation is very simple, A74 and A98 glass panels and SkyVision skylights are factory fitted with a simple "click-on" bracket. The solar blinds are then quickly fitted once the glass roof or SkyVision skylight is installed. Even with existing Vitral glass roofs or SkyVision skylights it is an easy task to retro fit the "click-on" brackets and fit solar blinds.
  • If you need a very dark room, we can offer a special blackout fabric which allows only a thin strip of light at the edges. Ideal for bedrooms, conference rooms and other spaces where you want to obscure almost all daylight.
  • Pleated blind dimensions: Width: 400-1500 mm. Height: Can be adapted in height to all Vitral panels and SkyVision skylights. In SkyVision skylights the blinds are placed about 5 cm from the bottom of the frame.
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